What It’s Really Like to Be a Corporate Trainer

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Instructional Design Tasks

One aspect of being a corporate trainer that you may not have considered is the amount of instructional design work you may end up doing. While there may be a separate instructional designer in some cases, as a trainer, you may find yourself involved in designing the training material as well. This could include tweaking existing materials, adding new activities, or even creating PowerPoint presentations to deliver your training.

Training Administration Responsibilities

Another unexpected aspect of the job is the administrative tasks that come with it. In many companies, trainers are responsible for scheduling classes, communicating with participants, and tracking attendance. This administrative role may also extend to project management tasks, especially in smaller training departments where you may be wearing multiple hats.

LMS Administration Duties

Managing a Learning Management System (LMS) may also fall under your job description as a corporate trainer. You might be responsible for inputting course information, updating participant lists, and generating reports within the system. Being proficient in LMS administration can be a valuable skill in the corporate training world.

Presenter Wrangling for Guest Speakers

If your training programs involve guest speakers, you may find yourself in the role of a presenter wrangler. This entails coordinating with speakers, managing their time during the session, and ensuring that they stay on schedule. Effective presenter wrangling can contribute to the overall success of your training programs.

Housekeeping Tasks

As a corporate trainer, you may also have to take on the role of a housekeeper at times. This could involve setting up the training room, rearranging furniture, and cleaning up after sessions. Ensuring that the training environment is conducive to learning is essential for delivering effective training programs.

These are just a few of the unexpected tasks that you may encounter as a corporate trainer in the real world. While the job may involve more than just delivering training sessions, it can also be a rewarding and dynamic career path. If you are considering a career as a corporate trainer, be prepared to take on a variety of responsibilities beyond traditional training duties.

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